Learning French? 10 Top Tips



  1. Listen to audio by native speakers and watch videos - this is your stepping stone to understanding French in France and then speaking French

  2. Don't translate word by word - familiarise yourself with phrases and answers to common questions - work towards dreaming in French.

  3. Listen to audio/video and write down a transcript - working out the gist is good but a better discipline is to force yourself to listen to every word which will help you when you speak

  4. Repetition, repetition, repetition - try learning 20 words and then test yourself 6 months later and the results aren't likely to be good. But learn 20 words, test yourself a day later, then a week later, then a month later - and 6 months later you'll do much better.

  5. Grammar is important - it only needs 10% of your revision time, but otherwise you'll be held back

  6. One topic at a time - learn a topic at a basic level, then at the next level, then the next - it'll mean some repetition of key vocabulary, phrases and common expressions

  7. Learn about yourself in French - then you'll be prepared to answer questions about your work, hobbies, family and home. It will also give you more questions to ask other people - the beginnings of conversation

  8. Pronunciation is only half the story - you must also work out which words merge together, which to accent, and which disappear altogether (for example ne is often not heard and you have to work out the negation solely from the pas)

  9. 15 minutes 3 times a day - perfect! Study little and often rather than the occasional slog

  10. Find your own motivation - don't just try to be motivated, instead work out what makes you motivated to learn. Maybe it's results, maybe it's rewards, maybe it's achievements, maybe it's joining a class and sharing with others.

Use RapideFrench to help with points 1, 3, 8 and 9 above.