Vocab for Asking Questions (16 words)

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2539combienhow much | how many1 (KS3)
2574commenthow1 (KS3)
8821where1 (KS3)
9703pourquoiwhy1 (KS3)
10158conjunctionquandwhen1 (KS3)
10177quewhat | that | than1 (KS3)
10201quiwho1 (KS3)
10213quoiwhat1 (KS3)
10147phrasequ’est-ce que c’estwhat is it?1 (KS3)
3273d’oùfrom where?2 GCSE Foundation
9698Phrasepour combien de tempsfor how long?2 GCSE Foundation
10179Phraseque veut direwhat does... mean?2 GCSE Foundation
10180quelwhich2 GCSE Foundation
28Phraseà quelle heure ?at what time?2 GCSE Foundation
1831Phraseça s’écrit comment ?how is that written?2 GCSE Foundation
10145phrasequ’est-ce qu’il y awhat’s the matter?3 GCSE Higher