Vocab for Biology (16 words)

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13179Nounlavielife1 (KS3)
2988Nounlecorpsbody2 GCSE Foundation
3242verb rootcultiverto grow2 GCSE Foundation
5008Nounl' (f)espècespecies2 GCSE Foundation
5050Nounl' (m)estomacstomach2 GCSE Foundation
7001Nounl' (m)intestinbowel | gut | intestine2 GCSE Foundation
8816Nounlaossatureframe | skeleton2 GCSE Foundation
12933Nounlaurineurine2 GCSE Foundation
4433Nounl' (m)embryonembryo3 GCSE Higher
10893verb rootrespirerto breathe3 GCSE Higher
12948Nounlautérusuterus3 GCSE Higher
619Nounleamidonstarch4 AS
626Nounleammoniaqueammonia4 AS
7267Nounlelactoselactose4 AS
1877Nounlecalciumcalcium5 A Level
10828verb rootreproduireto reproduce5 A Level