Vocab for Conjunctions And Connectives (28 words)

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2559conjunctioncommeas | like1 (KS3)
5056conjunctionetand1 (KS3)
7663conjunctionmaisbut1 (KS3)
8820conjunctionouor1 (KS3)
8955Phraseparce quebecause1 (KS3)
11580conjunctionsiif1 (KS3)
462conjunctionainsiso | therefore2 GCSE Foundation
558conjunctionalorsso | therefore2 GCSE Foundation
1185conjunctionaussialso2 GCSE Foundation
1967conjunctioncarbecause2 GCSE Foundation
4029conjunctiondoncso | therefore2 GCSE Foundation
7547conjunctionlorsquewhen2 GCSE Foundation
10118conjunctionpuisthen2 GCSE Foundation
3309Phrasede l’autre côtéon the other hand3 GCSE Higher
3274Phrased’un côtéon the one hand3 GCSE Higher
4735conjunctionensuitenext | then3 GCSE Higher
7913Phrasemême sieven if3 GCSE Higher
8446conjunctionnineither | nor3 GCSE Higher
8923Phrasepar contreon the other hand3 GCSE Higher
8925Phrasepar exemplefor example3 GCSE Higher
9711conjunctionpourtanthowever3 GCSE Higher
10119conjunctionpuisquesince | as3 GCSE Higher
10214conjunctionquoiquealthough3 GCSE Higher
11290Phrasesans douteundoubtedly | without doubt3 GCSE Higher
4Phraseà cause debecause of3 GCSE Higher
1820Phrasec’est-à-direi.e.4 AS
13377Phrasey comprisincluding4 AS
20Phraseà partapart from4 AS