Vocab for Cooking (32 words)

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3218Nounlacuillèrespoon2 GCSE Foundation
3221verb rootcuireto cook2 GCSE Foundation
3494verb rootdégusterto taste2 GCSE Foundation
5894Adjectivefritfried2 GCSE Foundation
9536Nounlepoêlefrying-pan | stove2 GCSE Foundation
10398Nounlarecetterecipe2 GCSE Foundation
13178verb rootviderto empty2 GCSE Foundation
608Adjectiveamerbitter | sour3 GCSE Higher
1665verb rootbouillirto boil3 GCSE Higher
2024Nounlacasserolepan3 GCSE Higher
2244verb rootchaufferto heat3 GCSE Higher
3222Phrasecuire au fourto bake3 GCSE Higher
5744verb rootfondreto melt3 GCSE Higher
6236verb rootgrésillerto sizzle3 GCSE Higher
9149verb rootpelerto peel3 GCSE Higher
9285verb rootpeserto weigh3 GCSE Higher
9397Adjectivepiquantspicy3 GCSE Higher
11131verb rootrôtirto roast3 GCSE Higher
11252Adjectivesalésalty | salted3 GCSE Higher
13496verb roottoasterto toast3 GCSE Higher
13020Nounlavapeursteam3 GCSE Higher
13733Phrasecuillère à soupetablespoon4 AS
13732Phrasecuillères à soupetablespoons4 AS
7404Nounlalevureyeast4 AS
13887Phraselemoule à gâteaucake tin4 AS
3331verb rootbeurrerto butter5 A Level
9056Nounlapassoiresifter | sieve | colander5 A Level
12262Nounletamissieve5 A Level
4520N/Apréchauffe-t-ilpre-heat it6 Uni
13813Adjectivehomogènehomogeneous7 Expert
13811verb rootpréchaufferpre-heat7 Expert
13812Nounthermostatthermostat7 Expert