Vocab for Eating Out (49 words)

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1592verb rootboireto drink1 (KS3)
1614Phrasebon appétitenjoy your meal1 (KS3)
5394Nounlafaimhunger1 (KS3)
7731verb rootmangerto eat1 (KS3)
11693Nounlasoifthirst1 (KS3)
260Nounl' (f)additionbill2 GCSE Foundation
1607Nounlebolbowl2 GCSE Foundation
2000Nounlacartemenu | map2 GCSE Foundation
2257Nounlechefchef2 GCSE Foundation
2314verb rootchoisirto choose2 GCSE Foundation
3146Nounlacrêperiepancake restaurant2 GCSE Foundation
4777Nounl' (f)entréestarter | appetizer2 GCSE Foundation
6157Nounlegoûttaste2 GCSE Foundation
6244Nounlagrilladegrill2 GCSE Foundation
9480Nounleplatdish2 GCSE Foundation
9481Phraseleplat principalmain meal | main dish2 GCSE Foundation
10464Nounlereçureceipt2 GCSE Foundation
11130nounlerôtiroast2 GCSE Foundation
11547Nounleserveurwaiter2 GCSE Foundation
11548Nounlaserveusewaitress2 GCSE Foundation
12294Nounlatassecup2 GCSE Foundation
13123Nounleverreglass2 GCSE Foundation
1510Phrasebien cuitwell cooked3 GCSE Higher
1975Nounlacarafejug3 GCSE Higher
2557verb rootcommanderto order3 GCSE Higher
3045Nounlacoupeglass | dish | cup | cut3 GCSE Higher
3731Nounledessertdessert3 GCSE Higher
8763verb rootordonnerto order3 GCSE Higher
9699Nounlepourboiretip3 GCSE Higher
13497Adjectivevégétarienvegetarian3 GCSE Higher
12047Phraseà la carteside order3 GCSE Higher
8502Adjectiveallergiqueallergic4 AS
2020lecasse-croûtesnack4 AS
3205Adjectivecruraw4 AS
3783Adjectivediabétiquediabetic4 AS
7948Nounlemenufixed price meal4 AS
9489Phraseleplat cuisinéready-made meal4 AS
2001Nounleplat du jourdish of the day4 AS
10769Nounlerepasmeal4 AS
10912Nounlerestaurantrestaurant4 AS
13891Nounlesaladiersalad bowl4 AS
9499Phraseservice compristip included4 AS
9500Adjectivevégétalienvegan4 AS
8278Nounlacaféteriacafeteria5 A Level
1876Adjectivecalcinécharred | very well done5 A Level
3090Nounles (m)couvertscutlery5 A Level
3330verb rootdébarrasserto clear away5 A Level
5924Adjectivefumésmoked5 A Level
26Phraseà pointjust right | medium-rare5 A Level