Vocab for Parts Of The Body (52 words)

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1396Nounlabarbebeard2 GCSE Foundation
1647Nounlabouchemouth2 GCSE Foundation
1714Nounlebrasarm2 GCSE Foundation
3024Nounlecouneck2 GCSE Foundation
3577Nounladenttooth2 GCSE Foundation
4013Nounledoigtfinger2 GCSE Foundation
4046Nounledosback2 GCSE Foundation
5599Nounlafigureface2 GCSE Foundation
6068Nounlegenouknee2 GCSE Foundation
6144Nounlagorgethroat2 GCSE Foundation
7113Nounlajambeleg2 GCSE Foundation
7650Nounlamainhand2 GCSE Foundation
8444Nounleneznose2 GCSE Foundation
8768Nounl' (f)oreilleear2 GCSE Foundation
8809Nounleosbone2 GCSE Foundation
9114Nounlepeauskin2 GCSE Foundation
9363Nounlepiedfoot2 GCSE Foundation
9551Nounlepoingfist2 GCSE Foundation
9570Nounlapoitrinechest2 GCSE Foundation
12435Nounlatêtehead2 GCSE Foundation
13095Nounleventrestomach | belly2 GCSE Foundation
13236Nounlevisageface2 GCSE Foundation
4872Nounl' (f)épauleshoulder2 GCSE Foundation
8652Nounl' (m)œileye2 GCSE Foundation
2128Nounlecerveaubrain3 GCSE Higher
2281Nounlachevilleankle3 GCSE Higher
3030Nounlecoudeelbow3 GCSE Higher
4014Nounledoigt de piedtoe3 GCSE Higher
7162Nounlajouecheek | play [jouer = to play]3 GCSE Higher
7325Nounlelarynxlarynx3 GCSE Higher
7402Nounlalèvrelip3 GCSE Higher
7946Nounlementonchin3 GCSE Higher
8704Nounl' (f)onglenail3 GCSE Higher
8803Nounl' (m)orteiltoe3 GCSE Higher
9545Nounlepoignetwrist3 GCSE Higher
9681Nounlepoucethumb3 GCSE Higher
11280Nounlesangblood3 GCSE Higher
13384Nounlesyeuxeyes3 GCSE Higher
4895Nounl' (m)épidermeskin3 GCSE Higher
5906Nounlefrontforehead | battlefront | frontage4 AS
6344Nounlahanchehip4 AS
12114Nounlajointureknuckle4 AS
9092Nounlapaumepalm (of the hand)4 AS
9546Nounlepoilhair | fur4 AS
10200Nounlaqueuetail | queue4 AS
11833Nounlesourcileyebrow4 AS
12257Nounletalonheel4 AS
13461Nounlecileyelash5 A Level
3113Nounlecrâneskull5 A Level
6242Nounlagriffeclaw5 A Level
8351Nounlanarinenostril5 A Level
8490Nounlenombrilnavel (belly button)5 A Level