Vocab for Prepositions (34 words)

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2285prepositionchezat the house of1 (KS3)
2916prepositioncontreagainst1 (KS3)
3293prepositiondansin | within1 (KS3)
3305prepositiondeof | from1 (KS3)
3652prepositiondepuissince | for1 (KS3)
4506prepositionenin | at | into1 (KS3)
4773prepositionentrebetween1 (KS3)
9697prepositionpourfor | in order to1 (KS3)
11286prepositionsanswithout1 (KS3)
11848prepositionsousunderneath | below1 (KS3)
12106prepositionsuron1 (KS3)
13125prepositionverstowards1 (KS3)
863prepositionaprèsafter2 GCSE Foundation
3787prepositiondevantin front of | before2 GCSE Foundation
4835prepositionenvironabout | approximately2 GCSE Foundation
7217prepositionjusqu’àup to | until2 GCSE Foundation
8994prepositionparmiamong2 GCSE Foundation
9163prepositionpendantduring2 GCSE Foundation
9816Phraseprès denear2 GCSE Foundation
13274prepositionvoicihere is2 GCSE Foundation
13277prepositionvoilàthere is | those are2 GCSE Foundation
1prepositionàin | to | at2 GCSE Foundation
5Phraseà côté denext to2 GCSE Foundation
1144Phraseau bord deat the side/edge of3 GCSE Higher
1145Phraseau bout deat the end of3 GCSE Higher
1151Phraseau lieu deinstead of3 GCSE Higher
1152Phraseau milieu dein the middle of3 GCSE Higher
13871prepositiond'entreamong3 GCSE Higher
3673prepositionderrièrebehind3 GCSE Higher
4514Phraseen dehorsoutside3 GCSE Higher
13870Phrasehors deoutside | out of3 GCSE Higher
1149Phraseau fond deat the back of | at the bottom of4 AS
13872Phraseau moment deat the time of4 AS
36Phraseà traversacross | through4 AS