Vocab for Technology (43 words)

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13601AbbreviationWifiwifi2 GCSE Foundation
1580Nounleblogueurblogger2 GCSE Foundation
2430Nounleclicmouse click2 GCSE Foundation
2445verb rootcliquerto click2 GCSE Foundation
2670Nounlecompteaccount2 GCSE Foundation
4519Phraseen ligneonline2 GCSE Foundation
4852verb rootenvoyerto send2 GCSE Foundation
6654Nounleimprimanteprinter2 GCSE Foundation
8230Phraselemot de passepassword2 GCSE Foundation
8759Phrasel' (m)ordinateur portablelaptop2 GCSE Foundation
9376Nounlepilebattery2 GCSE Foundation
9627Nounleportablemobile phone2 GCSE Foundation
10399verb rootrecevoirto receive2 GCSE Foundation
11650Phraselesite internetwebsite2 GCSE Foundation
11651Phraselesite webwebsite2 GCSE Foundation
12317Nounlatechnologietechnology2 GCSE Foundation
12335verb roottéléchargerto download2 GCSE Foundation
12952Nounl' (m)utilisateuruser2 GCSE Foundation
2423Nounleclavierkeyboard3 GCSE Higher
4853Phraseenvoyer un SMSto text3 GCSE Higher
5794Nounleforumchat room3 GCSE Higher
6977Nounl' (m)internauteinternet user3 GCSE Higher
7348Phraselelecteur DVDDVD player3 GCSE Higher
7349Phraselelecteur MP3MP3 player3 GCSE Higher
8007Phrasemettre en ligneto upload3 GCSE Higher
8568Adjectivenumériquedigital3 GCSE Higher
8760Phrasel' (m)ordinateur tablettetablet3 GCSE Higher
10852Nounleréseaunetwork3 GCSE Higher
13551Nounlesmartphonesmartphone3 GCSE Higher
12103verb rootsupprimerto delete | to suppress3 GCSE Higher
12120Phrasesurfer sur Internetto surf the internet3 GCSE Higher
12311verb roottchatterto talk online3 GCSE Higher
12597Nounlatouchekey3 GCSE Higher
4221Nounl' (m)écranscreen3 GCSE Higher
3063Nounlecourriele-mail4 AS
7727Nounlamanettejoystick | lever | gearshift4 AS
8862Phraselapage d’accueilwelcome page4 AS
12102Adjectivesupprimédeleted | suppressed4 AS
12281verb roottaperto type | to slap4 AS
4222Phrasel' (m)écran tactiletouch screen4 AS
4573Nounlaencreink5 A Level
12334Nounletéléchargementdownloading5 A Level
4257Verb rootéditerto edit5 A Level