Vocab for Weather (57 words)

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2239Adjectivechaudhot | warm1 (KS3)
5899Adjectivefroidcold1 (KS3)
11713Nounlesoleilsun1 (KS3)
12364Nounletempsweather | time1 (KS3)
886Nounl' (m)arc-en-cielrainbow2 GCSE Foundation
2355Nounlecielsky2 GCSE Foundation
5398Phrasefaire beauto be fine (weather)2 GCSE Foundation
5410Phrasefaire mauvaisto be bad (weather)2 GCSE Foundation
5799Nounlafoudrelightning2 GCSE Foundation
5843Adjectivefraiscool | fresh2 GCSE Foundation
6035Nounlegelfrost2 GCSE Foundation
8416Nounlaneigesnow2 GCSE Foundation
8417verb rootneigerto snow2 GCSE Foundation
8554Nounlenuagecloud2 GCSE Foundation
8741Nounl' (m)oragestorm2 GCSE Foundation
8830Nounleouraganhurricane2 GCSE Foundation
9501verb rootpleuvoirto rain2 GCSE Foundation
9514Nounlepluierain2 GCSE Foundation
9529Adjectivepluvieuxrainy2 GCSE Foundation
11245Nounlasaisonseason2 GCSE Foundation
12361Nounlatempêtestorm2 GCSE Foundation
12554Nounletonnerrethunder2 GCSE Foundation
13089Nounleventwind2 GCSE Foundation
13108Nounleverglasblack ice | ice storm2 GCSE Foundation
5117Nounl' (f)étoilestar2 GCSE Foundation
1206Nounleautomneautumn3 GCSE Higher
1260Nounl' (f)averseshower3 GCSE Higher
1037Nounlabrisebreeze3 GCSE Higher
1761Nounlebrouillardfog3 GCSE Higher
1778Nounlabrumemist3 GCSE Higher
1779Adjectivebrumeuxfoggy | misty3 GCSE Higher
3089Adjectivecouvertovercast | covered3 GCSE Higher
3488Nounledegrédegree | level3 GCSE Higher
4070Adjectivedouxmild3 GCSE Higher
4728Adjectiveensoleillésunny3 GCSE Higher
6039verb rootgelerto freeze3 GCSE Higher
6112Adjectiveglacéfrosty | frozen3 GCSE Higher
6438Nounl' (m)hiverwinter3 GCSE Higher
6502Adjectivehumidehumid | damp3 GCSE Higher
6870Nounl' (f)inondationflood3 GCSE Higher
8251Adjectivemouilléwet3 GCSE Higher
8555Adjectivenuageuxcloudy3 GCSE Higher
8686Nounl' (f)ombreshade | shadow3 GCSE Higher
8742Adjectiveorageuxstormy3 GCSE Higher
9903Nounleprintempsspring3 GCSE Higher
11404Adjectivesecdry3 GCSE Higher
12360latempératuretemperature3 GCSE Higher
4183Nounl' (m)éclairlightning | flash3 GCSE Higher
5077Nounl' (m)étésummer | had [être]3 GCSE Higher
1157Nounl' (f)aubedawn4 AS
1737verb rootbrillerto shine4 AS
6229lagrêlehail4 AS
6230Verb rootgrêlerto hail4 AS
7994Nounlamétéorologieweather service4 AS
11126Nounlaroséedew4 AS
11729Adjectivesombredark4 AS
12468Adjectivethermalethermal4 AS