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Adverb Comparatives and Superlatives

These are very similar to adjective comparatives and superlatives, but are simpler in that there are no feminine or plural variations, and similarly it will always be le in front of the superlative. The options are plus, moins, aussi, autant, mieux and pire. Examples follow…

  • Louise chante plus fort qu'Alice (Louise sings louder than Alice)
  • Alice chante moins fort que Louise (Alice sings quieter than Louise)
  • Emma chante aussi fort que Sarah (Emma sings as loud as Sarah)
  • Emma chante autant que Sarah (Emma sings as much as Sarah)
  • Adele chante mieux que Alice (Adele sings better than Alice)
  • Alice chante pire que Adele (Alice sings worse than Adele)

  • Louise chante le plus doucement (Louise sings the sweetest)
  • Alice chante le moins fort (Alice sings the quietest)
  • Adele chante le plus (Adele sings the most)
  • Adele chante le mieux (Adele sings the best)
  • Alice chante le pire (Alice sings the worst)