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Adjectives: Irregular Adjectives that come before the Noun

Most adjectives come after the noun for example les chats heureux (the happy cats). However the following adjectives are exceptions and go before the noun, for example le gros chat (the fat cat):

  • Beauty : beau, joli, vilain
  • Age : vieux, jeune, nouveau
  • Goodness : bon, excellent, gentil, mauvais, meilleur
  • Size : grand, petit, gros, haut
  • Others : autre, faux, triple, première, deuxième, troisième, etc.

Notice that you can use BAGSO to help you remember these exceptions, but there are other beauty, age, goodness and size adjectives that go after the noun as normal. There are also some that can go before or after, and for many of them the position changes the meaning.