Step 3: Dictionary for Les boules ou la pétanque

Below are the translations of all the words that we have matched in our dictionary (if there are any missing then look them up in a dictionary).

We strongly suggest you write down the ones you didn't get as this helps many people commit the words to memory - perhaps using a different colour pen. Alternatively use Quizlet.com to help you learn them.

FrenchTest YourselfEnglish
France France
a has
acier steel
appelle calls
aussi also
autre other
avec with
bois wood | drink [boire]
boule lump/clod
boules bowls
but goal / intention
c' this / it
chaque each
cochonnet jack
contre against
de of, from
deux 2
du of / from
en in
est east / is
et and
gagne [gagner] to earn/to win (present tense)
il y a it is/ago
jeu game
jouent [jouer] to play / to act (present tense)
joueur player
l' the/it/him/her
la the
lancer to throw/to launch
lancée [lancé] launched
le the
les the
originaire native
ou or
personnes people
petite [petit] little / small
plus more
possible possible/potential
premier first
près nearby
s' himself / herself / if
simple simple
sud south
tout all / every
trois three
un a
une one/a
équipe team
équipes [équipe] team