Step 3: Dictionary for Midi au parc

Below are the translations of all the words that we have matched in our dictionary (if there are any missing then look them up in a dictionary).

We strongly suggest you write down the ones you didn't get as this helps many people commit the words to memory - perhaps using a different colour pen. Alternatively use Quizlet.com to help you learn them.

FrenchTest YourselfEnglish
Luc Luke
a has
ai [avoir] to have (avoir)
arbres [arbre] trees
au to the / at the / of / to
avec with
avons have
beau beautiful / handsome / fine
blanches white
bleu blue
bon good
couverture blanket / cover
de of, from
des of / from / some
du of / from
délicieux delightful
enfants [enfant] childs
est east / is
et and
fait [faire] to do / make (present tense)
famille family
filles [fille] daughter/girls
fleurs [fleur] flowers
garçon boy / waiter
grande [grand] big / tall
grosses [gros] fat/big
il he / it
il y a it is/ago
ils they
j' I
je I
jolies [joli] pretty
jupes [jupe] skirts
le the
les the
livre pound / book
marine navy / marine
midi midday/noon
nous us/to us
ont have
parc park
petits [petit] little / small
pique-nique picnic
short shorts
soleil sun
sont are
suis am
trois three
un a
une one/a
verts [vert] green
violettes [violette] violet
voisins [voisin] neighbour