Step 5: Translation of Les boules ou la pétanque

Below is a translation from the French to English. Compare it to your translation - there are bound to be a few differences.

Les boules ou la pétanque

C’est un jeu originaire du Sud de la France. Deux équipes de une, deux ou trois personnes jouent l’une contre l’autre. Chaque joueur a trois boules en acier. Il y a aussi une plus petite boule en bois. La plus petite boule s’appelle le cochonnet et est lancée en premier.

Le but est de lancer les boules le plus près possible du cochonnet.

L’équipe avec les boules le plus près du cochonnet gagne! C’est tout simple!

English Translation

Game of boules / petanque

It is a game which comes from the South of France. Two teams of one, two or three persons play against each other. Each player has three balls made of steel. There is also a smaller ball made of wood. The smallest ball is called ‘ the jack’ and is thrown first.

The goal is to throw the balls as near as possible to the jack.

The team with the balls the nearest to the jack wins! It is easy!