Information for French Tutors

This site is an amazing resource for you. Provided at very low cost to your students are over 100 articles recorded by French native speakers with vocab and translations provided.

Great for Lessons

Print off the vocabulary for an article at the right level - test what they already know, then provide them with the 'dictionary' printout for those they don't. Print off the transcript and ask them to translate it into English. Even though they have the literal translations of the words they will need help with some words and of course to then write a non-literal translation (which is also provided for you). They can then listen to the recording or watch the video in their own time, now that they know all the French.

French learners big concern is that they don't understand real French - this is a massive confidence booster.

Fantastic for Homework

Brilliant and self-contained (no marking). Ask your students to listen to a recording (or watch if it's a video) and either set them the challenge of writing it down in French or translating it into English. When they need it, they use the dictionary and then the translation to help them understand. In the next lesson give them an opportunity to ask any questions about grammar for example that they didn't understand. You might want to follow it up by printing the transcript for yourself to read to them and check their understanding.

You will find that they learn more between lessons and their listening and speaking skills in particular will improve. They might even be motivated go on and work through more of their own accord and accerate their learning.

Recommend your students and earn a Christmas bonus

Email us the names and email addresses of any of your students that you have encouraged to sign up for the paid service during the year. If there are at least 4 of them and provided we can find them on our system we will send you a bonus of £5 per student in December. (This cannot be used in conjunction with the group discount below.)

School/Group Discounts

Send us the names and email addresses in a file and we will add them to the site for you, or we can provide you with a discount code if your students are signing up and paying:

  • 20+ students = 25% discount
  • 50+ students = 30% discount
  • 100+ students = 40% discount
  • 200+ students = 45% discount
  • 500+ students = 50% discount