Vocab for In The Bathroom (11 words)

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1327verb rootbaignerto bathe | to have a bath2 GCSE Foundation
1329Nounlabaignoirebathtub2 GCSE Foundation
4059Nounladoucheshower2 GCSE Foundation
11260Phraselasalle de bainsbathroom2 GCSE Foundation
11347Nounlesavonsoap2 GCSE Foundation
11578Nounleshampooingshampoo2 GCSE Foundation
12517Nounletissumaterial/fabric2 GCSE Foundation
12529Nounlatoilettetoilet2 GCSE Foundation
1326Nounlabaignadebathing3 GCSE Higher
8079Nounlemiroirmirror3 GCSE Higher
11555Nounlaserviettetowel3 GCSE Higher