Step 3: Dictionary for À la plage

Below are the translations of all the words that we have matched in our dictionary (if there are any missing then look them up in a dictionary).

We strongly suggest you write down the ones you didn't get as this helps many people commit the words to memory - perhaps using a different colour pen. Alternatively use Quizlet.com to help you learn them.

FrenchTest YourselfEnglish
Certaines [certain] certain / sure
Ces [ces] this
Cette [cette] this
D' [d'] of / from
Je [je] I
Le [le] the
Ma [ma] my
Sa [sa] his / her / himself / herself
Toute [tout] all / every
aussi also
autres [autre] other
avec with
belle beautiful
bleue [bleu] blue
de of, from
des of / from / some
difficiles [difficile] difficult
déserte [désert] desert
eau water
est east / is
et and
fais do
famille family
fort strong
froid cold
frère brother
grand big / tall
hautes [haut] high
il y a it is/ago
jaune yellow
l' the/it/him/her
la the
livres [livre] pound / book
longue long
ma my
meilleure [meilleur] better/best
moi me
mon my
naviguer navigate
notre our
ont have
orange orange
parce que because
personnes people
petite [petit] little / small
plage beach
planche board/plank
plus more
que what/that/than
regardent [regarder] to look at / to watch (present tense)
sa his / her / himself / herself
sont are
suis am
sur on
vagues [vague] waves
vent wind
verte [vert] green
voile sailing/sail
à to, at