Step 3: Dictionary for La Galette des Rois (The King's Cake)

Below are the translations of all the words that we have matched in our dictionary (if there are any missing then look them up in a dictionary).

We strongly suggest you write down the ones you didn't get as this helps many people commit the words to memory - perhaps using a different colour pen. Alternatively use Quizlet.com to help you learn them.

FrenchTest YourselfEnglish
Jésus Jesus
ainsi so | therefore
amande almond
amis friend
arrivée arrival
attention attention
au to the | at the | of | to
aussi also
cadeaux present
chocolat hot chocolate
couronne crown
célèbrent celebrate
dans in | within
de of | from
des of | from | some
devient becomes
du of | from
en in | at | into
entre between
essayez to try
est east | is
et and
faites done
famille family
français French
fève bean bean | non-legume beans e.g. coffee beans | the trinket in a king cake – originally an actual broad bean, today often a plastic, metal or porcelain figurine
galette cake | patty | pancake
gâteau cake
généralement generally
ils they
janvier January
jour day
l' the | it | him | her
la the
le the
lequel which | which one
les the
mais but
mangent to eat
manger to eat
n' not | born
ne not | born
ou or
part share
pas step | not
personne nobody
pomme apple
porcelaine china | porcelain
porte door | wears
pour for | in order to
quelquefois sometimes
qui who
reine queen
retrouvent find | regain | recover something | = to meet up
roi king
rois mages wise men
sa his | her | himself | herself
se himself | herself
si if
trois 3
trouve to find
un 1 | a
une 1 | a
vous you
à in | to | at
échangent to exchange
étable stable