Step 3: Dictionary for Repas chez des amis

Below are the translations of all the words that we have matched in our dictionary (if there are any missing then look them up in a dictionary).

We strongly suggest you write down the ones you didn't get as this helps many people commit the words to memory - perhaps using a different colour pen. Alternatively use Quizlet.com to help you learn them.

FrenchTest YourselfEnglish
Alexandre Alexander
Lydie Lydia
Marion Marion
Xavier Xavier
a have
aide-t-elle she helps
amis [ami] friend
amène [amener] to bring (present tense)
apéritif appetizer drink
arrivent [arriver] to arrive, happen (present tense)
arrivée arrival
assez enough, quite
avant before
beaucoup lots
bon good
bons [bon] good
bouteille bottle
c' this / it
catastrophique catastrophic
celle the one
certains [certain] certain / sure
chaque each
chez at the house of
combien de temps how long
couple couple
couples [couple] couple
cuisine kitchen/cooking
cuisinent [cuisiner] to cook (present tense)
cuisiniers [cuisinier] chef, cook
d' of / from
dans in | within
de of | from
dernier last
des of / from / some
du of / from
dîner evening meal/to have dinner
elle she/her
ensemble whole/set/ensemble/group/together
est east | is [être]
et and
garder to keep/to look after
habille [habiller] to dress (present tense)
heure hour
hôtes [hôte] host
ils they
inviter to invite
invités [invité] guests
juste correct/just/fair
l' the/it/him/her
la the
le the
les the
leurs [leur] their
lui he
maquille makeup
mettre to put
mettre la table to set the table
mois month
n' not / born
ne not / born
ouvrir to open
parfaite [parfait] perfect
pas step / not
plusieurs several
pompiers [pompier] firemans
pour for | in order to
pourquoi why
propose [propos] about | talk
préfèrent [préférer] to prefer (present tense)
préparation preparation
repas meal
responsable liable/responsible/in charge
reste-t-il still there
retrouvent [retrouver] find/regain/recover something / se retrouver = to meet up (present tense)
revoir to see again
s' himself / herself / if
sa his / her / himself / herself
se himself / herself
sent [sentir] to smell/to feel/to sense (present tense)
six 6
son her / his / sound
sont are
souviennent [souvenir] to remember (reflexive) (present tense)
suggèrent [suggérer] to suggest (present tense)
table table
tellement so
temps weather | time
tour tower/tour/turn
tous all
tout de suite immediately
trois 3
très very
un 1 | a
une 1 | a
veut wants
vin wine
vont go
à in | to | at